Die Personifizierung des Freitags imWassertal


As it did with the carnival days, the imagination world of the Germans from Vişei de Sus
(Oberwischauer Zipser) also personified Friday and named it The Holy Friday. In the traditional
tales of the residents of Vaser Valley (Wassertal), this anthropomorphic creature has
two essential characteristics: First, this mythical appearance takes on the shape of a woman,
endowed with good character, able to play a positive role in all life situations. Furthermore,
this helpful woman, who “knows the people’s lives”, does not act on her own, but on behalf
of a higher power. She expresses hermission in the words: “…I have been sent to assist you.”
This mythical figure may have entered the story world of the Zipser from the Romanian
mythology, where it is called Sfânta Vineri or Sfânta Vinerea. In the mythical thought of Romanians,
Sfânta Vineri – in contrast to the terrible phantoms Marţolea and Joimăriţa – is encountered
with a lot of confidence and given a significant place in the so-called “Calendar of
the soothsayers” (Calendarul babelor). For this reason, Friday is the most important day of
the week for many Romanians.


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