Radiografia unui proces magico-terapeutic. O experienţă personală

X-ray of a magical therapeutical process. A personal experience.
This paper analyzes a magical therapy process of healing, performed by a renowned
medicine woman in a Romanian village in Ukraine. The process is that more interesting because
the patient has been the ethnologist herself – the researcher. So this describes a personal
The analysis built upon the vital role that the woman plays in performing magical
therapy acts and continues with explaining each step of themagicalmedical therapy scenario:
the examination, the diagnostic, the massage and the recommendations.
On the other side, the study shows how the successful image of the medicine woman
build up and the concrete techniques through witch she came to have an important position
within the local community – with the mention that her reputation has been remarked over
a wider geographical area and that she is sought upon by many of those who had left the village
and now work abroad – as a way to relate to the native village and its traditions.


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