Cântecul Zorilor în culegerile de folclor din Voivodina

The ancient ground of invocation of the sun, Dawn Song, was kept in Serbian Banat.
This tradition, the ritual, required that on someone’s death, when the corpse is still in the
house, a group of women in the dawn of the last day of funeral, outside the house under the
window with faces turned towards east, sometimes with lighted candles in hands, sing Dawn
Song. In Serbian Banat, women are replaced with a male choir and fanfares. Collections of
folklore from Banat have found this song which often is not understood, the world doesn’t
know the magical practices of this rite of passage. Radu Flora and Gheorghe Lifa discovered
Dawn Songs in villages of central Serbian Banat. Singers of these songs were discovered
since the XIXth Century.


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